Online Wellness Programs

At the Acupuncture Lounge, we believe the most important factor in our healing is what we can do for ourselves.  That is why we has created affordable, self-paced online courses to help you on your journey to feeling great.

If you’ve ever felt stuck when it comes to your habits and health, these new courses will finally deliver the structure and guidance you’ve been needing.  We are so excited to walk with you on this journey!

The power of meditation and mindfulness

The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness

Learn how to meditate and create a habit that will change your life.

Meditation can be the most important tool you have to feel your best.  Learn how to meditate the easy way!

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The Power Boost Course

The Power Boost – 14 day energy reboot + cleanse

The perfect whole food, natural lifestyle approach to reclaim your mind, body, soul, & energy for good. 

Are you ready to….

  • Hit the RESET button on your body, to bring back your energy?
  • Drain the toxicity and replace it with vitality and motivation?

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Wellness Mindset

The Wellness Mindset

What we think matters……

Dive into the biology of healing your body through your thoughts.  Learn how to identify limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and how to reverse them so that you can heal.

Set into the power of self love and create a foundation for health that will help ou feel your best.

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